Clownfish Pewter Necklace

5-7 (EU) 7-10 (worldwide) working days

Inspired by the beauty and wonderful sea creatures, Loyfar's handcrafted tin alloy items combine creative design with high-quality craftsmanship. Discover their line of beautiful, original and unique gifts and home decoration.

Pewter Clownfish Pendant. Natural polished finish and decorated in red and white enamel. The perfect gift for lovers of the sea.

50 cm synthetic rubber cord included topped with tin chain.

Size: 3,5 x 2 cm

Weight: 20 gr

Clownfish Pewter Necklace

5-7 (EU) 7-10 (worldwide) working days
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Loyfar Collection was founded in 1996 by Anuphab Loyfar, President and Director of Loyfar International.

Inspired by his surroundings and the beauty of nature, Loyfar's work combines the adaptation of animal shapes along with jewelry making skills to create highly decorative yet functional works of art in tin alloy.

Designed and made in Thailand. To date, the Loyfar Collection prides itself on having over 4,000 designs in its suite of collections, each one distinct thanks to its handmade craftsmanship.

With their abundance of creativity, Loyfar and his team of skilled artisans never stop persevering to add new products to existing dinnerware, living room and giftware collections to meet customers' increasing expectations for unique pewter alloy designs.

"Nature is my most grateful inspiration. I apply my knowledge of jewelry design to create many works of art made of pewter and silver. Over 20 years with a group of local artisans, we create masterpiece handcrafted products using a delicate process and a unique design in the market"

Tin Alloy is a silvery-white, soft malleable alloy used as the primary substance to create Loyfar Collection products. In general, tin is widely used for food packaging, such as can linings, etc. Our product contains 95% tin and 5% silver and copper with no lead or nickel, unlike pewter (a mixture of tin and lead). Our materials comply with the general safety standards stipulated in the EU framework regulation regarding contact with food, guaranteed safety for food and health. Of course, the product is identified with safe material and free from toxic contaminants.

Composition: 95% Tin (SN), 5% Silver and Copper

product care

- Proper storage: The product must be kept in a dry, smoke-free and acid-free place.

- For the best result, it should be polished with a soft, dry cloth in a straight line.

- Cleaning: Hand wash with warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. (DO NOT WASH IN DISHWASHER).

- For small items, use the proper tools - cotton swabs can be used to remove tarnish before rinsing and drying.

- Handle with Care

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