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Nudibranch gear tag

Pack of 6 units with different and fun shapes of nudibranchs.

Nembrotha kubaryana - neon slug

Phyllidia varicosa - warty slug

Chromodoris bullocky - pink nudibranch

Hypselodoris maculosa - mottled hypselodoris

Jorunna parva - slug rabbit

Chromodoris annae - Chromodoris de Anna

Flexible, resistant, submersible and elastic material

Plastic strip to hang on the different elements of the equipment

Backside with space to write your name

€14.95 Price

4 Masks set

For adults and children !!

Which one do you like the most? Whale shark William, Matty the smiling blanket, our friend the gray shark Bruce or the friendly whale Bryde? With our special price package you do not have to choose, take them all !!

€25.00 Price

Whaleshark headwear

headwear with a two-sided print for neck and / or hair with a whale shark pattern in blue and pink tones.Withouth stitches

Multifunction - 9 different ways of use

Breathable fabric

Protection against cold and UV rays

€9.95 Price


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