Welcome to Scuba Gifts, the leading distributor of accessories and gifts for divers and ocean lovers for the European market.

Established in Spain, we started our business in 2017 distributing just over 60 products. We soon understood that there was a great demand for this type of article and we grew very fast, reaching the number of more than 700 different references in our catalog today.


We are exclusive representatives of three brands, very consolidated in the international market;

- DIVESILVER; Handmade 925 sterling silver jewelry for diving, boating and marine life enthusiasts. Stunning rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and necklaces for those who appreciate quality sterling silver jewelry inspired by diving, nautical and marine life.

- OCEANARIUM; Diving and sea animals accessories and gifts: original and unique octopus holder with fun shapes of sharks and other fish, regulator bags with shapes of marine animals, towels with incredible prints, ponchos with beautiful designs of marine species, magnets, ... .

- DIVE INSPIRE; Founded by enthusiastic divers from the desire to incorporate the amazing underwater world into daily life. Products initially designed around the elegant nudibranch and then extended to other deep-sea species: key rings, luggage tags, window sings, ... and now even face masks!

They all have unique and very original designs.


We complete our offer with the WILD REPUBLIC children's brand: toys, stuffed animals, accessories for children, ... all of the highest quality and with beautiful designs for the little ones in the house. As well as the best brand of thermal water bottles on the market: FISH TANK.


Our products are so original and precious that we want everyone to know them! We are looking for shops and companies related to the marine world, diving and water sports to offer our products in their facilities, for which we offer rates and special distribution conditions to obtain excellent benefits.


Send us an e-mail or fill out our contact form and we will send you all the necessary information.


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