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Thermal Bottle with Drawing...

- Bottle of 265 mm and 75 mm in diameter.
- 600 ml capacity.
- Ergonomic cap with 100% hermetic. Wide and non-slip grip to hold and hook the bottle.
- 45 mm nozzle. Wide enough for ice cubes, but wide enough to drink comfortably. 
- Vacuum with double wall in 18/8 stainless steel.
- Does not alter or absorb the taste of liquids.
- Maintains the temperature.
- Non-slip matte lacquer. With 3D printed illustrations with relief.

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Sunfish Pendant

The sunfish is known for its striking shape when they reach the surface, their fins can make you believe they are sharks.

This Mola Mola pendant is a nod to one of the most fascinating and curious fish of the Seas.

€60.00 Price


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