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Seahorse Bead

The Sterling Silver Celtic Horse Charm Bracelet has a daring and different design that mixes the essence of these beautiful animals with the enigmatic culture of the Celts.

€25.00 Price

Ray Bead

With this Sterling Silver Blue Manta Bracelet Charm you will feel the power and grace of these beautiful creatures. It is the ideal gift for lovers of Mantas.

€35.00 Price

Turtle Bead

The Sterling Silver Tortoise Bead Bracelet is a finely carved piece that will make your accessories something different and show your admiration for the endearing turtles.

€22.00 Price

Ray Bead

Genießen Sie diese Sterling Silber Marine Stripe Bracelet Bead und scrollen Sie elegant, als würden Sie über den Meeresboden fliegen, genau wie die neugierigen Stripes.

€35.00 Price


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