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pipe fish pendant

The Sterling Silver Pipe Fish Pendant seems straight out of the coral reef to decorate your neck. Be one of the beings that captivate for their beauty and feel like a fish in the water.

€50.00 Price

Fish Hook Earring

The Sterling Silver Blue Fish Long Earrings are a fun and different complement with which you will feel identified and show your love for the marine inhabitants.

€60.00 Price

Fish Hook Earring

These Sterling Silver Angel Fish earrings are a tribute to marine fish that live together with their partners or in schools, living in harmony and protecting each other.

€22.00 Price

Angel Fish Gift Box

The Angel Fish Set is composed of a pendant with chain and earrings, in a gift box. Enjoy just as if you were watching a school of fish on your favorite dive.

€50.00 Price
Clown Fish Pendant Quick view
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Clown Fish Pendant

The Nemo Sterling Silver Pendant with colored gemstones is a fun accessory with which you show your love for clown fish.

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