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Dive map Towel

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Plan holidays, track your travels or simply marvel at the incredible world of diving to be found on this decorative bath towel. Learn about over 500 dive sites worldwide, including information about type of dive and underwater features. This microfibre beach towel fits in any dive bag and is sure to provide ideas for future adventures!

Dive map Towel

€59.95 €66.95 Save €7.00
5-7 (EU) 7-10 (worldwide) working days
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Hand Drawn with ♥️. Lars has hand drawn every little bit of the Dive Map and towel. Old school style with pen and paper. Legend!

Hundreds of hours were spent illustrating the dive map. Drawing by hand simply gives the map a vitality that cannot be achieved in a purely digital process.

Made in Spain. All our towels are made in Barcelona. Every design is fine tuned before it is then printed and shipped off to the world.

Locally sourced. All our maps and packaging are made in Germany and shipped carbon-free.

Dive map: the story behind

This towel shows you the best diving spots around the world. More than 500 dive sites, information on the type of dive and underwater characteristics. From the remarkable macro of the Lembeh Strait to shark dives in the Bahamas and shipwrecks in the Red Sea. Get inspired and plan your next dive trip in style.


This towel is the best kind of microfibre towel. Eco friendly (no PVC, ink free solvents) and super lightweight while still being absorbent this towel doesn't feel like your typical microfibre towel. Perfect for traveling or the beach. 


Huge 180 x 95 cm (71" x 37") microfibre towel

Quick drying and highly absorbent material

Antibacterial properties and super lightweight - perfect for travelling

No PVC and solvent-free inks

Made 100% in the European Union

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180 x 95 cm (71" x 37")
250 gr aprox

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Dive map Quick view
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Dive map

Simply the world of diving. Over 500 dive spots and areas, information about type of dive and underwater features. Get inspired for future trips, track your travels or simply marvel at the beautiful world of diving.

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